Nicht Jetzt! #5 Mehr / More

The magazine „Nicht Jetzt!“ is written, designed, illustrated and photographed by Department of Design students at the HAW Hamburg. The fifth issue is all about „More“ and dives into wrestling, polyamory, psychotherapy with LSD and learning how to consciously control our own dreams. But there is no „more“ without „less“. The magazine also examines side effects of the maximum. The authors spoke with a lawyer who failed his career goals, visited a homeless shelter of the German luxurious island Sylt and photographed the escalation of the 2013-2014 demonstrations in Kiev.

The topic „more“ influences the format of the issue: we test the functional boundaries of print as a medium with a print width of almost a half meter. Every copy is unique with an individual cover. All of the 800 covers reveal an experimental film within a film.

Editorial and Design: Hannah Godde, Christina Gotz, Lucas Kramer, Magda Kreps, André Kurberg, Martina Ludewig, Patricia Paryz, Lea Pürling, Timo Rychert, Sarah Schögler, Paulina Wetzel, Jasmin Gritzka
Supervision: Stefan Stefanescu
HAW Hamburg, 2015

Design Conference „Quo Vadis Editorial Design?“ 2015

Various issues of Nicht Jetzt! #5 with different covers
A view of a closed and opened issue of Nicht Jetzt #5
Two different open issues of Nicht Jetzt #5
Detail of advertisement design by Magda Kreps and Sarah Schögler in the magazine