LUKS #4 Anfang

LUKS is an award-winning student illustration magazine of the Department of Design, HAW Hamburg. It was founded by students for students! The editorial staff is autonomous and works on a volunteer basis. For each issue, students create a new concept to give illustration and communication design students an international platform to show their potential.

The fourth issue is all about „Beginning“ – true to the motto: everything has a beginning, but Luks has two! That's why the magazine has two reading directions. The reader can decide where to begin reading.

Laura Asmus, Andreas Derebucha, Beate Kapfenberger, Magdalena Kreps, Verena Muckel, Nadine Pedde, Jennifer van de Sandt, Lena Schmid, Isabella Schwiermann, Jan Vismann, Jana Walczyk, Svenja Wamser


Detail 1 of open Luks #4 issue
Detail 2 of open Luks #4 issue
Details 3 and 4 of open Luks #4 issues
Detail 5 of open Luks #4 issue