I Want to Be Bored

I Want to Be Bored is a hand-drawn short film, visualising a wandering mind during the experience of doing absolutely nothing.

Length: 4:00 min
Director: Magda Kreps
Sound: Magda Kreps, Max Gausepohl
Music: Athena Varosio
Mix: Miko Szatko
Royal College of Art 2021

Screenings and Awards:

Factual Animation Film Festival - Best Student Film
Bit Bang - 1st Mention International Graduation Short Film Award - Argentina
The British Short Film Awards - Nominee for Best Sound Design

London Festival of Ideas Exhibition - UK
21 Frames Per Second Community Experimental Animation Grad Show
*/ 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Tactus - Greece
Corti a Ponte piccolo festivalanimazione - Italy
Prime The Animation! New Talent International Festival - Spain
ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival - Azerbaijan
ANILOGUE International Animation Festival - Hungary